David Kemme Invited to Present at a Conference in Poland

For release:  December 4, 2014

Dr. David Kemme, FCBE professor of Economics, was invited to present at a conference in Warsaw, Poland on November 19, 2014. His presentation was on creating new institutions for building a market economy entitled, “Polish Anniversaries: 25 Years of Transformation – 15 Years in NATO – 10 Years in the EU.”

This conference analyzed Poland’s transition from a communist, centrally planned economy to one of the most dynamic free market economies in Europe. Following the transformation, it joined NATO and the European Union and is a major player in European political and economic affairs. The conference evaluated Poland’s current role and position within Europe and worldwide and also discussed challenges the country may face in coming years.

The conference was held at the Warsaw School of Economics where Dr. Kemme was a Fulbright Scholar in 1981. The conference was opened by Bronislaw Kormorowski, president of Poland. The keynote speaker was Leszek Balcerowicz, head of the Department of International Comparative Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics and principal architect behind the creation and implementation of a sweeping economic “shock therapy” program commonly referred to as the Balcerowicz Plan.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Kemme discussed the transformation of the former Warsaw Pact countries of Eastern Europe from central planning to a market economy and how, in his opinion, it was one of the greatest economic events since WWII.

“Poland was the most successful by far and has outperformed nearly every country in Europe, East or West through the1990s and 2000s. It was because of tough, uncompromising policies to introduce economic freedom, private property and markets.”