Dr. Frances Fabian Published in Journal of International Management

For release:  May 21, 2015

Dr. Frances Fabian, associate professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, was recently published in the Journal of International Management. The article entitled "The French Paradox: Implications for variations in global convergence" was coauthored with Dr. Rachida Aissaoui, former FCBE doctoral student and current assistant professor at Ohio University.

The research provided qualitative and quantitative evidence for the dynamics of cultural change that explains why the institutions of a country may vary widely from the values purported by the individuals of a country, using the high-profile "French Paradox" as an example. The results indicated that a key variable is the power structures interdependency, or the extent of overlap between the members of the governmental institutions and the economic institutions, which leads to an effective resistance to change at the institutional level. The theory was assessed against a larger country sample and strong supporting evidence was found.