Marja Nicole Martin accepted into the Women’s Aspiring Leaders Program

For release:  February 9, 2015

Marja Nicole Martin, interim academic services coordinator for Professional and Online MBA, has been accepted to the Women’s Aspiring Leaders Program (WALP). This program is designed to prepare female University of Memphis staff with leadership development skills as they prepare for promotable leadership roles and positions. WALP also assists with enhancing and strengthening the vision of participants, strategic thinking, innovation, coaching skills, and adaptive collaboration.

Marja was accepted into the program based on her hard work and passion for Fogelman College and education. She is very passionate about higher education. Marja believes that it is important for leaders in higher education to be equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide others toward the common goal of ensuring that universities have developed productive citizens for our community.

“Marja’s work ethic and overall professionalism has been a tremendous asset to the Graduate Programs Office since she started here in October,” said Dr. Balaji Krishnan, director of the MBA program. “She is very passionate about higher education and strives to lead others by example.”

Marja received her BA in Mass Communications and MEd from Tennessee State University.