FCBE Promises Health, Business, and Wealth at the 2015 Promise Day

For release:  May 19, 2015

On Thursday, April 16, FCBE held its annual Fogelman Promise Day. The theme of Promise Day was "Health, Business, Wealth" and was hosted by the Avron B. Fogelman Center for Professional Career Development. It focused on activities and components of the Complete Professional Program.

The focus this year was to recognize the importance of physical, emotional, fiscal, social, and mental health. In addition, the core outcomes of integrity, honesty, and well-balanced personal development were also emphasized. Students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to apply these core outcomes in their personal and professional lives by signing their names on the Fogelman Promise Banner.

Activities of the day included Fogelman Feud, an interactive game that allowed students to assess their stress levels while also learning valuable strategies on topics such interviewing, test preparation, and more; self-defense demonstrations; stress-relieving massage stations; healthy nutrition and food education tables that included "Eat This—Not That" information; and a visit from Pouncer. A 600-calorie lunch was provided by the Fogelman Executive Center. The event was well received by students, faculty and staff, and the media. Jane Roberts of The Commercial Appeal was in attendance and featured Promise Day in the April 17 edition of the paper.