FCBE Faculty and Staff Receive Awards at 2015 Spring Meeting

For release:  May 26, 2015

Nine FCBE faculty and staff members were honored recipients of the George Johnson Award as well as the Dean's Service Award at the 2015 spring faculty and staff meeting. These awards recognized faculty and staff members for either their excellent service in staff roles or for their outstanding faculty performances in the areas of teaching, research, and service.

The George Johnson Fellow Award was given to three FCBE faculty in the "Research" category. Dr. George Deitz, associate professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management and director of the Customer NeuroInsights Research Lab (C-NRL), won for his 18 peer-reviewed journal articles since 2010 and for his Editorial Review Board positions with the Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, and Journal of Advertising.

Dr. Andrew Hussey, associate professor of Economics, was also a winner in the "Research" category. Hussey won for his 14 published journal articles since 2011, his two external grants along with colleagues, and his research that was referenced in the Harvard Business Review, The Boston Globe, Business Week, and Psychology Today.

Dr. Al Bush, professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, was the third winner in the "Research" category for the George Johnson Fellow Award. Bush won for his Editorial Board service with the Journal of Relationship Marketing and Journal of Advertising, his nine published articles since 2012, and his two FCBE Outstanding Paper Awards in both the "Conceptual/Theoretical" and "Empirical" research categories for papers published in The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.

Dr. Douglas Campbell, instructor of Economics, won the George Johnson Fellow Award in the "Teaching" category. Dr. Campbell has taught very large sections of introductory economics courses, as well as upper-division economics. Student comments on his courses are consistently very positive with commendations about his enthusiasm and sense of humor. He unfailingly receives high SETE scores and engages and motivates his students to learn.

Dr. Judy Simon, professor of Business Information and Technology, won the George Johnson Fellow Award in the "Service" category. She received this award for serving as one of two directors of the University of Memphis Center for Information Assurance, her role on the advisory board of the Complete Professional Program, and being champion of the University's Annual Giving Campaign. Dr. Simon has a long-established reputation as a dedicated and responsible faculty member who will always do more than her share to help the department and college, who will do what is required to complete the task or close the loop, even when that does beyond the bounds of expectations.

Dean Grover presented each of these George Johnson Fellow Awards, which recognizes outstanding faculty contributions in the areas of research, teaching, and service. The award included a commemorative plaque and a $10,000 stipend.

The George Johnson Staff Award was given to two FCBE staff members. Janis Lamar won for her outstanding work as an Administrative Secretary in Economics. Lamar knows the faculty and graduate assistants and offers great support to facilitate accomplishing their activities. She has received laudatory letters in support of her service to the Department from many faculty members and her Chair.

Michael Houston, manager of Tech Support, was also awarded the George Johnson Staff Award for his extraordinary performance. He can always be counted on to get fixes and projects done in a timely manner, navigate the high expectations, little patience, and sometimes limited understanding of University policies among the FCBE clients he serves. He consistently demonstrates determination, hard work, and effectiveness in problem solving and his positive attitude, professionalism, and leadership provide great value to the College. Most notably, his assistance with tech subcontractors in the completion of the Cook Analytics & Trading Lab has helped progress FCBE in countless ways.

The George Johnson Staff Awards are presented for excellence in service and professionalism for those in staff roles in the College. Dean Grover presented the awards based on recommendations of an advisory committee. The award included a plaque and a $5,000 stipend.

The Dean's Service Award was given to two staff members who have demonstrated exceptional performance in the fulfillment of their duties. Matt Hall, College webmaster, has worked many hours and demonstrated exceptional dedication to facilitate the migration of the new University website.

Janet Hicks, Faculty Services, also received the Dean's Service Award. She is reliable and dependable in handling the support services of mail, packages, room openings and closings, and test photocopying. She consistently carries out her job serving the faculty every day with a positive attitude and doing what is needed.

The Dean's Service Award winners received a plaque and a $2,000 stipend..