Dr. Brian Janz Receives 2014 Schulze Award

For release:  March 27, 2015

Dr. Brian Janz, professor of MIS, was recently awarded the 2014 Schulze Award for his article entitled “After the Big Idea: Entrepreneurial Success through High Performance Start-Up Teams.” His article was published in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Exchange (EIX). EIX is an open-access platform for students, faculty, and practitioners of entrepreneurship. Its goal is to spotlight innovations, new ideas, and important research more quickly than traditional scholarly journals and to subject them to the rigors of peer review and the marketplace sooner.

The Schulze Award recognizes the quality and influence Dr. Janz has made to the EIX and to the study and practice of entrepreneurship. In gratitude of his contribution, an academic scholarship of $1,500 will be donated by the Richard Schulze Foundation* to the Fogelman College of Business and Economics per Dr. Janz’s request.

This scholarship is intended to support students interested in entrepreneurship, but the selection of the students to receive the benefits of this scholarship is open to all.

To read Dr. Janz's full article, please click here.

*Richard Schulze is the founder and Chairman Emeritua of Best Buy and is committed to improving the success rate of entrepreneurs by improving entrepreneurial education.