Drs. Cervetti and Stafford's PCC Approach Used in Memphis High Schools

For release:  November 16, 2015

Dr. Michael Cervetti, instructor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, and Dr. Marla Stafford, Great Oaks Foundation Professor of Marketing and chair of the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, have produced a learning model that is being utilized in local Memphis high schools.

The model is known as the Performance Control Chart (PCC). It examines the content that is being taught in high school classrooms and it evaluates how well students are absorbing the material. The Performance Control Chart also provides feedback to teachers as to what they can improve upon. Ultimately, this model allows teachers the ability to modify teaching and classroom practices in order to better advance student learning proficiencies.

Whitehaven and East High Schools implemented the PCC model and they have since reported dramatic improvements in their students' academic performances.

Peer Power is another local Memphis group that is using Drs. Cervetti and Stafford's PCC model. Peer Power is a nonprofit organization that recruits and trains high-performing students to tutor and mentor their peers. Peer Power uses the PCC model to evaluate their success coaches.

Bill Sehnert, executive director of Peer Power said the PCC model, "...is a great way [for students] to learn."

Dr. Cervetti and Stafford's initial research for the Performance Control Chart was entitled, "The Use of Performance Control Charts in Higher Education." This paper received the "Best Paper Award" at the 2010 International Conference on Learning and Administration in Higher Education.

Dr. Cervetti is also conducting ongoing research with Dr. Michael J. Racer, associate professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, and Dr. James Lukawitz, associate professor in School of Accountancy, to further examine the PCC's effectiveness. Their working paper is entitled "College Business Analytics Project: Business Quality Control in a High School Classroom."