Dr. Okunade Named a Recipient of the "2015 Eye of the Tiger Award"

For release:  December 18, 2015

Dr. Albert Okunade, professor of Economics and the 2015 winner of the University of Memphis Eminent Faculty Award, recently was named a recipient the "2015 Eye of the Tiger Award."

According to the coordinator of Alumni and Constituent Relations, Kollin Falk, the University's Alumni Association recognizes outstanding faculty and staff with this award. "The 'Eye of the Tiger Award' is given to individuals that best embody the spirit of the University of Memphis and give back to it in substantial ways," he said.

Dr. Okunade was nominated for this award because of his international recognition as a leader in health economics and because he is a founding member of The American Society of Health Economics, a board of trustees that is made up of industry leaders from across the country.

Dr. Okunade was presented the award during one of this season's home football games. A total of six "Eye of the Tiger Awards" were presented this year.