Dr. Zabihollah Rezaee New Textbook Published

For release:  October 19, 2015

Dr. Rezaee, professor of Accounting and Thomson-Hill Chair of Excellence, has a new textbook entitled Business Sustainability: Performance, Compliance, Accountability and Integrated Reporting, now available from Greenleaf Publishing. Dr. Rezaee is the author of eight books, the most recent of which won the 2013 Axiom Gold Award in the category of Business Ethics.

In this textbook, students will be able to: identify sustainability strategies to create innovation in new products, services, energy-efficiency, environmental facilities, and green initiatives; understand the role and responsibilities of all participants in the corporate reporting process, including directors, officers, internal auditors, external auditors, legal counsel, and investors; see ways to improve public trust, investor confidence, business reputation, employee satisfaction, corporate culture, social responsibility, and environmental performance; learn all five economic, governance, social, ethical, and environmental (EGSEE) dimensions of sustainability performance separately and their integrated and interactive effects on achieving the goal of creating sustainable value for all stakeholders; and learn how to adopt best practices in sustainability development and performance, and deliver effective integrated sustainability reporting and assurance.