Dr. Tuberville Published in HR Professionals Magazine

For release:  April 22, 2015

Dr. Kathy Tuberville, Department of Management instructor and director of the Avron B. Fogelman Professional Development Center, was published in the April issue of HR Professionals Magazine. Her article entitled "How to Develop a Culture of Health for Successful Worksite Wellness Programs" was coauthored with Cristie Upshaw Travis, CEO, Memphis Business Group on Health, and Renee S. Frazier, CEO, Common Table Health Alliance.

The article explains how to develop a culture of health in organizations of all types. Any setting where an individual within an organization is prompted and encouraged to make healthy life choices is considered a culture of health. The article provides steps employers can follow to establish an effective culture of health. Those steps include getting leadership commitment, selecting a plan for programming, and implementing procedures, policies, and sustainable approaches. With today's focus on the Affordable Care Act, a culture of health is becoming increasingly important for Human Resource professionals.
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A culture of health not only exists, but is growing in the local Memphis community. Memphis has an increasing number of supportive employers with leaders who are committed to redesigning the community environment with a focus on health.

FCBE is also furthering its own culture of health. The Fogelman College has implemented numerous programs in an effort to further healthy-living lifestyles among its students, faculty, and staff. One of the many ways that the College has striven to promote this mission, was through the creation of the Fogelman Fit program. Fogelman Fit is a program offered by the Complete Professional Program and the Avron B. Fogelman Professional Development Center. This program encourages students to remain active by offering exercise activities such as yoga, karate, and self-defense between classes. In addition to the numerous wellness classes and activities involved with this program, they also co-sponsored an inaugural "Walk for Health" event last fall. With nearly a hundred participants, it appeared to be a great success!