Drs. Amini and Sherrell published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing

For release:  February 5, 2016

Drs. Mehdi Amini and Dan Sherrell, Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management professors, and Dr. Mohammad G. Nejad, former FCBE Ph.D. student and assistant professor of Marketing at Fordham University, published an article titled "The profit impact of revenue heterogeneity and assortativity in the presence of negative word-of-mouth" in the International Journal of Research in Marketing.

This study explores the adverse effects of customer disappointment, after new product adoption, accompanied by spreading negative word-of-mouth on firm profits. The study examines the effects of heterogeneity and assortativity of customer revenue on the profit impact of negative word-of-mouth that is initiated by three groups of consumers – revenue leaders, social hubs, and experts. The results indicate that negative word-of-mouth is more damaging in markets where there is a higher degree of heterogeneity. The implications from these results suggest that marketing managers should consider the heterogeneity and assortativity characteristics of their customer revenue streams.

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