Dr. Nalick accepted for publication in Academy of Management Perspectives

For release:  October 13, 2016

Dr. Michael Nalick, assistant professor in the Department of Management, recently had his paper accepted for publication in Academy of Management Perspectives. The article is entitled "Corporate socio-political involvement: A reflection of whose preferences?" Dr. Nalick co-authored the paper with Dr. Matthew Josefy, Indiana University Bloomington, Dr. Asghar Zardkoohi, Texas A&M University, and Dr. Leonard Bierman, Texas A&M University.

In this article, the authors explore "socio-political issues" and develop a distinct model, relying on multiple theoretical perspectives – agency theory and a push versus pull perspective of stakeholder theory; thus providing complementary, or at times competing, explanations for firm involvement on such controversial socio-political issues. They also explore the contexts (or, facilitating institutional environments) that enable management to get involved in socio-political issues. In addition to drawing attention to this growing phenomenon, the article provides guidelines for future research on corporate participation in politically-charged social issues. Additional research is warranted to obtain a greater understanding of firm involvement in socio-political activities, particularly considering the influence that multinational organizations have on formal and informal institutions across borders.