Dr. Zabihollah Rezaee's monograph published

For release:  February 18, 2016

Dr. Zabihollah Rezaee, Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence and professor of Accountancy, recently co-authored a monograph with Dr. Anthony Ng of Monash University in Australia. The monograph is entitled "Business Sustainability: Definitions, Research and Practices." It was published by Lambert Academic Publishing. This monograph is viewed as a short book with a keen focus on sustainability research and education.

The monograph states that business sustainability is gaining the attention of investors, regulators and businesses as more than 8,000 public companies worldwide are issuing sustainability reports for their financial economic sustainability performance (ESP) and nonfinancial environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability performance in creating shared value for all stakeholders. In today's business environment, global businesses are under close scrutiny and profound pressure from lawmakers, regulators, the investment community, and their diverse stakeholders to focus on both ESP and ESG dimensions of sustainability performance, reporting, and assurance. This monograph synthesizes existing sustainability research, education practice and provides directions for future research on both ESP and ESG sustainability performance.