AMIS hosts computer-building workshop

For release:  May 30, 2017

The Association for Management Information Systems (AMIS) recently hosted a two-day workshop to build and configure a virtual host computer. AMIS is a registered student organization open to both graduate and undergraduate students interested in a career in information technology. The workshop was led by outgoing AMIS president and recent top-performing BIT graduate, Michael Slauson. Michael is working as an intern at International Paper over the summer and will be attending graduate school at Carnegie Mellon in the fall. Participants in the workshop included students David Dodge, Christine Fahey, Pamodou Jawneh, Christine Lee, Nick Mallett, Tony Pinson, Samuel Schultz, Nikhil Varade, and AMIS faculty advisor, Dr. Margaret Schultz.

The participating students selected and purchased hardware components then spent the first day assembling and configuring the hardware platform. On the second day, they installed and configured the software platform. A "sandbox" was appropriated for participants to use as their own personal testing environment. The students will use their sandboxes to get hands-on experience with creating virtual servers and installing applications.

"We could not have done this in a timely manner without Michael's expertise and guidance," said Dr. Margaret Schultz, AMIS faculty advisor and instructor in the Department of BIT. "He made the workshop a very educational and enjoyable experience for all who participated. We are grateful to Michael for sharing his expertise with us."