Dr. George Deitz co-authors Marketing, 2e textbook

For release:  July 18, 2017

Dr. George Deitz, associate professor in the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management, recently co-authored the McGraw-Hill Education Marketing, 2e textbook. He co-authored the textbook with Drs. C. Shane Hunt and John E. Mello of Arkansas State University. Dr. Deitz joined the author team in 2016 and contributed several new and revised chapters as well as course supplements. The textbook is the newest Principles of Marketing title in the marketplace, but it has already been adopted by more than 100 colleges and universities across the U.S.

A key differentiating feature of the textbook is a focus on the importance of marketing to the career success of all students, regardless of whether they are marketing majors. Contributing to this theme is a recurring chapter feature called "Today's Professional" in which recent graduates are asked career-related questions. Two recent Fogelman College MBA graduates, Mr. Ross Hornish, ServiceMaster, and Mr. Alex Shipman, The Walt Disney Company, were highlighted in the new book.

"As a marketing professor, you get the chance to interact regularly with your own students and perhaps even to see some of your research cited by peers at other schools. But, authoring a Principles of Marketing text provides a rare opportunity to share ideas and have a positive influence on the entire discipline," said Dr. Deitz. "It was a lot of work, but collaborating closely with friends, like Shane and John, and the team at McGraw-Hill made it a fun experience."

Co-author Shane Hunt, dean of the College of Business at Arkansas State University said, "George is truly an exceptional marketing professor and his research insights and teaching experience have made our 2nd edition better. I am excited for the thousands of students who will get to learn marketing from it across the country."