Dr. George Deitz and Dr. Marla Royne Stafford's paper chosen as one of the ten most relevant by NSBA

For release:  May 16, 2017

Dr. George Deitz, associate professor in the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management (MSCM) and director of the Customer NeuroInsights Research Lab (C-NRL), and Dr. Marla Royne Stafford, Great Oaks Foundation Professor of Marketing and chair of the Department of MSCM, recently had their 2016 Journal of Advertising Research article chosen as one of the year's ten most relevant publications in neuromarketing by the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NSBA). The selected papers were chosen by research and academia members. A summary of their article has subsequently been included it in the Neuromarketing Yearbook.

Their paper is entitled "EEG-Based Measures versus Panel Ratings Predicting Social Media-Based Behavioral Response to Super Bowl Ads." Dr. Deitz and Dr. Royne Stafford coauthored the paper with past and current MSCM Ph.D students, Michael C. Peasley, Jianping "Coco" Huang, and Joshua T. Coleman.

Existing research suggests that when assessing consumer responses to advertising, neuroscience and physiological measurements offer more objectivity than traditional self-report measures and, hence, may be more predictive of audience response. The authors' research explored consumer behavioral responses to Super Bowl ads on YouTube by comparing the predictive value of the self-report USA Today Ad Meter ratings with electroencephalogram (EEG)-based neuroengagement scores. This study assessed differences in subsequent online ad views, social engagement, and overall ad sentiment. The authors argue that implicit measures may be particularly useful in examining online social engagement and information transmission of paid brand content.