Dr. Mark Sunderman receives two prominent appointments

For release:  February 14, 2017

Dr. Mark Sunderman, Morris Fogelman Real Estate Chair of Excellence and professor of Finance, recently received two prominent appointments in the field of real estate assessment. He will bring his extensive knowledge to the research subcommittee of IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) and the Tennessee Assessment Appeals Commission.

At the end of last year, Dr. Sunderman was appointed as an alternate member of the Tennessee Assessment Appeals Commission by the action of the State Board of Equalization. The Commission meets as often as six times a year in either Memphis, Nashville, or Knoxville. As an alternate, he will be called upon when one of the regular members is unable to attend. Mr. Kelsie Jones, executive secretary of the State Board of Equalization, was very pleased to learn of Dr. Sunderman's interest and background since often their appointees are limited to past assessors.

Effective this past January, Dr. Sunderman was appointed to the six-member Research Subcommittee of IAAO. According to the IAAO website, "This subcommittee supports the mission and commitments of IAAO by addressing the research needs of IAAO members and engaging in research as prioritized and assigned by the IAAO Executive Board. The committee focuses on research in property valuation, property tax administration, and property tax policy; identifies current problematic and anticipated issues needing research; and works cooperatively with other committees to identify research issues." Dr. Sunderman was recommended to serve on this subcommittee by one of the existing members, who became very familiar with his research relating to property tax equity issues while working on his Ph.D. dissertation. Dr. Sunderman is the only academic on the committee and one of only a small number of academics in IAAO, as most of the members of IAAO work directly in assessing offices. He has been a member of IAAO for 25 years.