Faculty Resources for Valuable Student Engagement

MEMPHIS, TN—August 30, 2019. When Dr. George Deitz, George Johnson Associate Professor of Marketing at the Fogelman College of Business & Economics, University of Memphis, was approached by McGraw-Hill Education to develop a series of video teaching notes, Dr. Deitz took the opportunity for his doctoral students to broaden their practical applications skills and make some extra money.

Marketing Ph.D. students Michael Houston, Jennifer Tatara and Subhash Jha worked to develop teaching notes for over 125 videos from various sources covering a broad range of substantive topic areas in marketing. From a Bryan Buckley interview (director of 63 Super Bowl ads) to why Starbucks originally failed in Australia to the category introduction of the pasture-raised egg, the work provides a comprehensive teaching tool that keeps students engaged and thinking about what they see every day. The videos and teaching notes will be used by McGraw-Hill Faculty at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country.

"Adding the teaching notes gives faculty the road map for content and adds to the depth of learning for the college student," McGraw-Hill Education Executive Portfolio Manager, Meredith Fossel said. "The videos certainly pique the interest of students, and coupled with questions and answers, the engagement becomes more valuable."

Associate professor of marketing Jeff Thieme with Fogelman College used the videos and questions for every chapter in the book of his online class. "I found that questions where students were asked to apply concepts from the video to other contexts generated higher quality interaction with students," he said.

Dr. Deitz and his team will continue to add videos and update teaching notes.
Dr. George D. Deitz received his Ph.D. in Marketing in 2006 from The University of Alabama. He also holds a M.S. in Sport Management as well as B.S. in Marketing and B.A. in English Literature degrees, all from West Virginia University. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Dr. Deitz worked for more than a decade for several leading application software and enterprise software firms, fulfilling a host of sales and marketing management responsibilities.