Dr. Zabihollah Rezaee Authors New Book on
Business Sustainability in Asia

Business Sustainability in Asia: Compliance, Performance, and Integrated Reporting and AssuranceMEMPHIS, TN—June 7, 2019. "Business Sustainability in Asia: Compliance, Performance, and Integrated Reporting and Assurance" is the most recent book authored by Dr. Zabihollah Rezaee on business sustainability worldwide, and specifically in Asia. The book was formally introduced at an invitation-only reception at The Hong Kong Club, in Central Hong Kong on May 17, 2019.

Increasingly, business sustainability is at the forefront of many businesses' planning, strategy and reporting efforts and Dr. Rezaee's book is an excellent reference focusing on five dimensions — economic, governance, social, ethical and environmental (EGSEE) — of sustainability performance. "Dimensionally assessing the metrics for sustainability performance versus the risks is challenging and complicated due to the many different-sized companies, industries, and purposes," said Dr. Rezaee. "Asia is of interest because of the dynamic business growth in general and increasing sustainability efforts and activities in particular."

All 12 jurisdictions in Asia, from the mainland China to Hong Kong, are covered in the book. While economic sustainability has been the one dimension that is most readily reported on, the other dimensions are becoming more discernible for companies and for all stakeholders both in Asia and globally.

The book offers guidance to properly integrate all five EGSEE dimensions of sustainability into business models and practices. Guidelines are presented for complete and accurate measurement, recognition and disclosure of all five EGSEE dimensions of sustainability performance in an integrated reporting model.

Anyone who is involved with business sustainability from the corporate board of directors to executives, investors, policymakers, regulators and standard-setters, research scholars and business schools can benefit from reading this book.

Other Sustainability-Related Books Authored by Dr. Zabihollah Rezaee

  • Rezaee, Z and Ng, A. 2016. Business Sustainability: Definitions, Research and Practices." published by Lambert Academic Publishing, November 2016.

  • Rezaee, Z. 2015. Business sustainability: Performance, Compliance, Accountability and Integrated Reporting, Green Leaf publishing, October 2015.

  • Rezaee, Z and Brockett A.2012. Corporate Sustainability: Integrating Performance and Reporting, November 2012, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This book won the Axiom Gold Award in 2013 in the "Business Ethics" Category.

Dr. Zabihollah RezaeeDr. Zabihollah Rezaee is the Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence, PhD coordinator and Professor of Accountancy in Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis. His book, "Business Sustainability in Asia: Compliance, Performance and Integrated Reporting and Assurance" was published by John Wiley and Sons, March 2019. The book is co-authored by Professors Judy Tsui, Peter Cheng, and Gaoguang Zhou.