Obituary: Dr. Jesse W. Spiceland

The school of accountancy was recently informed that Jesse W. Spiceland, professor emeritus of the school of accountancy, died in June of 2020 at the age of 95. Spiceland began his academic career in 1949 at Normal Teachers College, which later became Memphis State University, and now is the University of Memphis.

During his over forty-year tenure at the university, Spiceland was revered for his exceptional ability to mentor future leaders of the business community. He also served as Chair of the Accounting Department (now the School of Accountancy). During a portion of his time on the Accounting faculty, Jesse Spiceland was joined on that faculty by his son, David (also Professor Emeritus) and his daughter-in-law, Charlene. His daughter, Carol Warren, served as the university Bursar.

He is remembered fondly by scores of past students and current professionals, and his influence on future accountants continues through a scholarship in his name, the Professor Jesse W. Spiceland Endowed Graduate Scholarship for the School of Accountancy.