Dr. Nirmalee Raddatz Nationally Ranked in Accounting Information Systems Research

Nirmalee Raddatz, Assistant Professor in the Crews School of Accountancy, Fogelman College of Business and Economics, is responsible for moving the University of Memphis into the 9th ranked position of research performed for Accounting Information Systems (AIS). She is also recognized as the 9th most productive AIS researcher globally for the last 6 years.

The rankings compiled by Brigham Young University (BYU) are internationally recognized. The rankings are based on award-winning research and are classifications of peer-reviewed articles in 12 accounting journals since 1990.

Dr. Raddatz was the lead researcher and author of the following articles published in 2020 in the Journal of Information Systems:

  • “Internal Motivators for the Protection of Organizational Data”
  • “The Impact of Awareness of Being Monitored on Computer Usage Policy Compliance: An Agency View”
  • “Grassroots Adoption of Cloud-Based Storage Solutions”
  • Dr. Raddatz was a lead researcher and 2nd author of the following article published in 2020 in the Journal of Information Systems:
  • “Impact of Deterrence and Inertia on Information Security Changes”

The University of Memphis was ranked 54th in 2019,” said Dr. Raddatz. “It’s impressive to see how quickly we were able to move to a top 10 position given the competitiveness of the research. I’m very proud to be the lead for this effort.”

Dr. Raddatz is a graduate of Mississippi State University and joined the University of Memphis in 2017. She teaches accounting information systems, and her research focuses on behavioral research at the intersection of managerial accounting and information systems, particularly how technology (e.g., FinTech, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies) impacts organizational controls decision-making processes.

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