MSIS Degree: Assessment Results (2019)

The MSIS Degree was launched in the Fall of 2016 and its first AoL Assessment was completed in Fall 2019. Data for this assessment cycle were collected from active MSIS students over the period of Fall 2017 through Fall 2018 using its initial set of learning goals when it was combined with the MSBA program.  All future assessments of the MSIS program will be based on the new set of learning goals created in 2019 (and posted to this website).

 Summary of Findings:

Overall, the assessed MSIS students showed good or exemplary competence across the majority of the degree's learning outcomes. However, there were two areas where students feel short of the 10% fair (score=1) benchmark:

  • Technology Skills (Goal 1)
  • Communication Skills (Goal 2)

Recommendations to address these shortfalls:

  • Develop a new set of learning goals for the MSIS degree and associated assessment rubric.
  • Expand the MSIS program to include more communication-specific activities in selected courses central to the MSIS program.
  • Explore availability of course-embedded communication activities in other graduate level courses often taken by MSIS students (e.g., shared MBA courses).

Additional Details and Action Items for implementing these recommendations can be viewed in the Full 2019 MSIS Assessment Report (PDF).

(page updated: 10/25/2019)