MOS Exam Information

The MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) test is a 50-minute timed test that assesses your ability to use Microsoft Excel 2010.  The exam is administered online through www.certiport.com.

Why am I required to take the test?
The MOS Excel 2013 test is given to all Fogelman College of Business students when they are enrolled in MIS 2749. Excel is a widely used business software application, and many employers will expect that you, as a business major, are skilled in the use of this Office software.

When do I take the test?
You take the MOS when you enroll in MIS 2749. If you have transfer credit for a computer based course that did not come in as MIS2749, you can take the test to meet the requirement for MIS 2749. The test will be offered at least once per semester. Please check with BIT (Business Information & Technology) department about test dates by emailing Professor Judy Brown or calling 901.678.4616.

If you have transfer credit for a computer based course that did not come in as MIS 2749 AND you have never taken MIS 2749 before, you can take the credit by examination which will be the MOS Excel 2013 test and an additional comprehensive exam over the other material covered in MIS 2749. Please visit https://www.memphis.edu/registrar/student/register/ucredit_exam.htm for more information on credit by exam, and email Professor Judy Brown for information about when you can take the exam.

Where do I take the test?
Please check with the BIT department about the test location by contacting Professor Judy Brown or calling 901.678.4616.

What is the "passing" score?
The passing score varies. The score to obtain an MOS certification changes as the test is updated by Microsoft. You are not required to obtain a certification in order to graduate or to get credit for MIS 2749. You are required to score the equivalent of a 70 (C), as determined by the MIS 2749 scale for the exam you are taking.

Is there a fee for the test?
There is a fee for the exam which changes as the exam price changes and which must be paid in advance. You will need to get the MOS Exam Request form from the BIT office (FAB 300), complete that form, and then take the form to the Bursar's Office. The form tells the Bursar's Office where this money is to be deposited. Be sure to keep the receipt and request form and bring it with you on the day of you take the exam.

Where can I get additional information to prepare for the test?
Visit www.certiport.com and click on the Microsoft Office Specialist icon. This icon will take you to a page where you can select information on exam objectives and a test preparation guide. Remember that you will only be tested on Excel 2013. No other Office applications are tested.

Should I study for the test?
This test is difficult because it is a certification exam. You should be very familiar with Excel 2013. You may want to look over a textbook for 2013 that covers the objectives listed. There are several exam preparation books available at bookstores if you think you need further help.