Artificial Intelligence (AI) Speaker Series | 901 AI

The FedEx Institute of Technology is pleased to announce our Inaugural 901 AI series, a new meetup focused on artificial intelligence and its real-world applications is launching in Memphis.

The kickoff meeting will provide an overview of artificial intelligence and machine learning and a glimpse into current AI projects in the Memphis area. Attendees will be able to network with others interested in AI and gain insight into how AI might impact businesses and the local community.

"Memphis has a thriving tech community that we hope to engage on AI," said Brent Nair, from the FedEx Institute of Technology. "Our meetups will create a forum to learn about AI in an accessible, jargon-free way. Whether you're a seasoned AI specialist or simply AI-curious, we welcome you to join us."

The 901 AI meetups will take place quarterly, are free to attend and are open to the public.



Past Speakers

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Peter (Pete) Nicoletti
Peter (Pete) Nicoletti
Global CISO - Americas
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

"AI-Risks, Countermeasures and Opportunities"