Flattening It Together | COVID-19 Game Jam

Using Game Development to Help Flatten the Curve | May 29-31

Presented by the FedEx Institute of Technology & Memphis Game Developers

Do your part to help flatten the curve by learning a new skill while maintaining proper social distancing. The FedEx Institute of Technology and the Memphis Game Developers are inviting you to flex your creativity & develop your game design chops by creating new board/video games.


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Whether single-player or teleconference-friendly, the games you create during this game jam should be themed around viruses, bacteria, & the challenges faced by COVID-19.

Want inspiration? Here's an example of what attendees of the 2020 Global Game Jam created during the event at the FedEx Institute of Technology: GlobalGameJam.org.

Join the Memphis Game Developers Discord to start chatting and to collaborate during the event.

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The Flattening It Together Game Jam is completely virtual and takes place over the last weekend in May. After a kickoff & group brainstorming session, you'll coordinate a collaboration & development schedule that works for all the members of your team. Plan on showing off your new game to the other participants Sunday evening.

  • Kickoff Session | Friday, May 29 7 PM
  • Project Demo | Sunday, May 31 6-7 PM

Getting Started: Workshops & Resources

How to Game Jam!

Tips & tricks on how to Game Jam, by Brackeys.

Saving the World with Games - Citizen Science

Learn about the different ways games can help us and the world we live in, by Extra Credits.

Intro to Unity (Beginner)

A live Unity workshop, hosted by Justin Palmer with Memphis Game Developers.

Crash Course in Game Design (Intermediate)

Jonathan Schrack from the Memphis Game Developers crams a high-level software engineering course into 45 minutes.