Agile Finance



  • This training is being held virtually



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This workshop is highly targeted to specific client context. A pre-workshop survey will be distributed and collected prior to starting. We'll begin with a full session on day 1, then adjourn until the afternoon of day 2. This allows your facilitators time to evaluate the first day and curate content and workshops for the remainder. We reconvene in the afternoon of day 2, followed by another full day on day 3.

Agility in finance requires a shift of mindset, new tools, and different ways of relating to the rest of your organization. From occasional execution of critical functions to continuous execution of these functions, finance teams hold keys to enterprise agility. Funding models, analytics, and fast cycle times are critical – but leveraging them requires access to near real-time insights and automation across the entire finance lifecycle.

Moreover, for overall enterprise agility to be successful, practices within finance must align to the rest of the organization. Money and financial targets are at the heart of the business value that underpins the need for agility in the first place. If agile frameworks and functional practices elsewhere don't integrate with finance teams and vice versa, they will fail. The agile practices – and tools – needed to enable finance teams to align with the rest of the agile transformation are unique to finance. You won't find them discussed in books about software or workshops designed for product managers.

Led by senior innovators who have worked with both finance teams in Fortune organizations and major accounting firms on how to guide their clients, this workshop is a fast-paced experience that shows you how your own finance teams can become transformative enablers of agility throughout the organization.

  • Understand the challenges of conventional financial management in agile transformations
  • Recognize the business case for agile finance
  • Apply agile methodologies across finance teams
  • Create customer value and manage value streams
  • Establish visibility and feedback in workflows throughout departments
  • Communicate insights across the organization
  • Identify and introduce transformative automation concepts
  • Apply continuous execution of all financial functions



  • Finance Directors and Managers
  • Risk Managers and Analysts
  • Corporate Development Leaders
  • Financial and Accounting Managers
  • Financial analysts
  • Budget analysts
  • Accountants
  • Procurement professionals
  • Controllers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Anyone responsible for budgeting or planning