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Agile Leadership for Executives

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As Agile methods become more universal, executives and managers must learn how to steer and support Agile adoption. This two-day workshop will prepare leaders within your organization to drive Agile programs and guide their enterprises in rapidly changing business environments. They will learn how to transform teams and organizations, making them more efficient, innovative, and nimble. Many Agile transformations improve team dynamics and collaboration but fall short of their goals to impact the larger organization. A full transformation depends not only on buy-in from teams, but strong leadership from executives and middle management. This leadership requires a unique set of skills and knowledge.
Enterprise Agile adoption requires a multitier approach: Agile can be scaled to larger teams and complex projects by linking project teams and coordinating their activities. Program and portfolio management are important for large-scale Agile initiatives to communicate a strategic product vision, deliver value across organizational silos, and manage dependencies between departments and teams.
Underpinning all of this is a shift in mindset for individuals and teams. The Agile mindset must be supported by an organizational culture that values transparency, collaboration, flexibility, ownership, and self-organization.

Who Should Attend
Executives, directors or senior managers motivated to lead an Agile adoption, or looking to understand and drive Agile adoption at the program and portfolio level.

Learning Objectives
Here are some of the competencies the Agile Executive Leadership Workshop will help you master:
• Understanding Agile Methods and the Agile Mindset
• Building High Performance Agile Teams
• Creating an Agile Program Management System
• Creating or Adjusting Portfolio Management
• Managing Performance to Reward Teams along with Individuals
• Driving Enterprise Adoption of Agile Methods

FedEx Agile for Executives Agenda

Agile's Lean Roots: Solid Industrial Engineering
Agile Processes in a Nutshell
Team Structures
Leading Agile Leaders
Portfolio Management
Financial Considerations of Agile
Agile Business-IT Partnership
Executive Level Metrics
Driving Organizational Change: The Secret Sauce
Case Study from F500 Firm

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