Agile Leadership-Managers

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Learning Objectives
Here are some of the competencies the Agile Executive Leadership Workshop will help you master:
• Understanding Agile Methods and the Agile Mindset
• Building High Performance Agile Teams
• Creating an Agile Program Management System
• Creating or Adjusting Portfolio Management
• Managing Performance to Reward Teams along with Individuals
• Driving Enterprise Adoption of Agile Methods

FedEx Agile Leadership for Managers Agenda
Agile Baseline
Motivations for Agile
A Survey of Workflow Approaches
Agile Roles and RACI
Leading Agile Teams
Scrum and Kanban Fundamentals
The Scaled Agile Framework
Measuring What to Build
Estimation, Planning, and Tracking
Delivery Metrics
Common Anti-Patterns to Watch Out For

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