Impactful Training & Speaking



  • OCTOBER 5-7 2021: Registration Link
  • This training will be held virtually
  • This training will start at 9:00 AM SG/HK Time and end at 6:00 PM SK/HG Time.




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All trainings are NONREFUNDABLE within 14 days of the training's 1st day. Additionally, attendees who wish to cancel within the 14-day nonrefundable period will have to pay the entire amount due.



Ignite your ability to influence others with proven training and speaking methods that enhance the transfer of knowledge.

Are you finding yourself repeating information over and over? Are you wondering why your message doesn’t seem to be landing with others? Chances are high that you have been telling people, not impacting people. The issue is often not the core message but on how that message is delivered. To truly be effective, impactful and retain the content, the delivery must create connections, exploration, and internalization of the message. This course combines techniques from a variety of accelerated learning and speaking approaches in a challenging but fun way.


What is critical for creating impactful learning environments

  • Define the difference between training, mentoring, facilitating, and coaching
  • Probe the impacts of cognitive dissonance while learning
  • Gain practical tools that can be easily and frequently applied every time you teach and/or facilitate others
  • Practice designing impactful trainings and/or meetings
  • Practice delivering tools to increase collaboration
  • Examine why techniques are different yet, effective
  • Experience advanced application of techniques in a variety of mediums and sizes
  • Dissect and practice impactful storytelling techniques
  • Analyze connection dynamics for virtual or in-person delivery including voice variations, purpose, etc.
  • Inspect how to bring yourself – authenticity – to your delivery
  • Experience essential principles to getting and keeping attention


On-site/In-person trainings are administered at FedEx Institute of Technology, 365 Innovation Drive. Virtual sessions to be held on a virtual training platform chosen by the facilitator. Information about the platform, class structure, etc. will be sent out to attendees roughly 2 weeks prior to the start of training.


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