The Academy

A Partnership to Advance Renewal Transformation at FedEx

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"Technology leadership is not just about IT leaders, although they are a part of it. It’s not just about technical skills, although they’re essential. It’s about merging the skills and perspectives of business and IT leaders so that they drive transformation together."  -George Westerman


The Academy is an exciting new partnership between the FedEx Institute of Technology and FedEx IT Education and Development to meet the FedEx Corporation's goal of transforming the company through the implementation of eight renewal technical tenets. The pilot for this program was developed with the FedEx Center for Agile Transformation (FCAT, formerly SATO) between June 2017 and February 2018. Focusing on the SAFe tenet, the pilot featured original courses developed by faculty researchers from around the world and leaders in the Agile space in partnership with FedEx SME's and product owners. The success of this partnership has led to the development of The Academy, a resource that will provide a comprehensive training solution for all eight renewal technical tenets to FedEx. The Academy will operate in concert with IT Education and Development, and through this collaboration will solve the renewal challenge at FedEx.


Academy Structure

An adaptive, dynamic and responsive structure designed to grow with FedEx. Core classes, asynchronous online instruction and conferences create a common knowledge level, while electives allow for customization based on each individual’s experience.

Academy Structure


Eight tenets. Four pathways. One solution. A strategic execution with staged rollout over 36 months.

Foundational Pathway

Every employee needs exposure to the tenets. The Foundational Pathway is a baseline that allows everyone in the company to take part in this company-wide renewal.

Foundational pathway

Non-Technical Pathway

Adoption of the technical tenets is not limited to technical employees. Complete adoption requires specialized training for business operations, support staff and others.

Non-technical pathway

Technical Pathway

The Technical Pathway is the deepest dive into the tenet implementations. The participants in this pathway are ready to go further and gain a more comprehensive understanding of what the tenets mean for development and execution of products and services.

Technical pathway

Leadership Pathway

Deploying a common core of technology is challenging. Leaders must understand innately their role in leading the transformation. Through this pathway lie the critical skills required to take FedEx into the future.

Leadership pathway




For Inquiries Regarding The Academy email fedex@memphis.edu