Once accepted into a degree program, a student is expected to enroll every semester thereafter (excluding summer sessions) and make satisfactory progress toward the degree. A student who does not enroll for a fall or spring semester must apply for readmission. Submission of a readmission application does not ensure acceptance. An application for readmission may be rejected or additional requirements may be imposed on the student. A readmitted student must follow the rules, prerequisites, and degree requirements listed in the Graduate CatalogSome degree programs may require a separate admissions application and may have an earlier application deadline. Please be sure to check the website for the academic program you are considering.

Students writing a thesis or dissertation or engaged in a culminating project must enroll on a continuous basis (fall and spring) until the thesis, dissertation, or project is complete. If, however, a student completes a thesis, dissertation, or project during a summer session, they must be enrolled in the applicable credit during the summer.

Do I Need to Readmit?

Students who previously enrolled but have been absent for at least one Fall or Spring term will need to submit a Readmission Application.  It is our goal to keep you from paying another application fee, and the Readmission Application does not charge one.

  • Submit a current readmission application for desired entry term
    • Be sure to have college transcripts sent for all additional course work completed since you were last enrolled
    • If you had transfer work from when you attended last time, there is no need to resend any transcripts that were already processed once.

Students for whom none of the criteria listed represents their circumstance should submit the regular graduate application.