Graduate Student Spotlight

The Graduate School in collaboration with the University of Memphis Department for Research and Innovation (R&I) will be selecting one, or possibly two, graduate students per month to feature on the R&I monthly newsletter. This newsletter receives great exposure as it is sent to all UofM faculty and staff, alumni and community partners. In addition to this honor, we will be promoting your accomplishments on the UofM Graduate School website and social media pages as well.

Those who wish to be featured may submit the self-nomination form. Please use the form to complete a brief description of 500 words of your research. You may submit this form to gradstudentspotlight@memphis.edu. You must also include your faculty advisor on the nomination email in order to be eligible for consideration and copy them on the email submission.

Each month a committee comprising UofM faculty and staff from various campus departments will review the applications. We will make every effort to make sure students from all disciplines are represented.

Questions? Email gradstudentspotlight@memphis.edu.

Spotlight Recipients

February 2022: Gregory L. Szwabowski

December 2021: Tharwa Bilbeisi

November 2021: Lipika Sarangi

August 2021: Sara Ann Davidson

June 2021: Jessica Herring & Jaclyn Joy Gish-Lieberman

May 2021: Hamed Tohidi & Triston Pullen

April 2021: Noor Ghazel Aswad & Malcolm Charles