Vision + Value

map showing counties of West TennesseeOur Mission Statement

Elevating West Tennessee families into self-sufficiency and economic mobility by respecting their voice and choice

Vision Statement

GROWWTH will leverage our collective assets and knowledge to move West Tennessee’s most vulnerable households to a life of thriving.

Our Value Proposition

  • Regional impact reaching all 21 West Tennessee counties
  • Holistic ecosystem comprised of innovative education and training, workforce development expertise and community support networks
  • Leveraged partner resources to alleviate barriers enabling families to achieve economic sustainability


GROWWTH Journey to Economic Sustainability | Family member eligibility > relationship building with case manager which consists of orientation and assessment > vision and planning > resource identification with care advocacy team (includes childcare, spiritual, parenting skills, life skills, adult education, transportation, employment, community involvement, children's education and mental health) > Readiness Academy > Begin Employment > Pathways (includes Accelerated Skills Training and Microbusiness)