GROWWTH Community Partners

  • Community LIFT - Community LIFT is a catalyst for change, working to advance Memphis by accelerating the revival of its disinvested neighborhoods.  Community Lift pursues national relationships and dollars and aligns them with local resources. Together, those investments are strategically distributed in the form of grants and loans primarily to Community Development Corps., Grassroots Leaders, and Neighborhood Businesses.  

  • Abyssinian Baptist Church (ABC) - ABC has served members of the TANF community in Whitehaven, South Memphis, and the Alcy/Ball communities since 2005 by providing upliftment, education, and empowerment. Through partnerships with community development corporations and nonprofits, Abyssinian Baptist Church has provided temporary relief assistance to under-resourced individuals and families throughout the Whitehaven, South Memphis, and the Alcy/Ball communities.  

  • Economic Opportunities (ECoP) - ECoP has served members of the TANF community in Shelby County since 1991 by helping justice involved adults find jobs and change their lives. ECoP employs life coaching, spiritual guidance, and mentoring to carry out its mission. Through its proven recidivism reduction model, ECoP has successfully trained mentors, reduced reentry, and assisted employers with building a skilled and reliable workforce. 

  • Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope (MICAH) - MICAH is a coalition of community and faith-based organizations joining together to give a more powerful voice for issues of justice throughout Shelby County. Through faith-based partnerships, MICAH has worked for over four years to serve members of the TANF community by addressing issues of economic equity, education, and equity. To date, MICAH has over 75 community partners with which it partners and collaborates to accomplish its objectives.  

  • Stand for Children - Stand for Children has served members of the TANF community throughout Shelby County since 1999. Through partnering, advocating, ensuring, and electing, Stand for Children works to organize parents and community members to acquire excellent schools for their children. Since its inception Stand for Children has worked to provide more than $150 million in public funding for schools and other programs that have served more than 1, 383,303 children.  

  • Whole Child StrategiesWhole Child is a place-based organization that supports, organizes, mobilizes, and engages community stakeholders in identifying and addressing root causes that prevent students from thriving at school. Whole Child has served members of the TANF community by supporting children, families and neighborhoods in Memphis that are disproportionately affected by poverty. Since 2017, Whole Child has garnered the experience and expertise of community members to identify needs, develop solutions and implement long-term change in the lives of under-resourced people.

  • The Organizing Expert - Through authentic Community Engagement, we bring awareness, build campaigns, and connect with communities where they are, to show up and speak out. Our primary focus is empowering underrepresented populations and building authentic relationships that lead to more inclusive communities with opportunities for all. We build relationships to help develop and implement community-based engagement initiatives that define and articulate the interests of the communities in which they work.