GROWWTH Program Eligibility

The GROWWTH project provides services for West Tennessee low-income families. 

GROWWTH is a part of a study funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services which is being conducted to determine how these pilot programs help people improve their economic well-being. During the study, all new eligible applicants will be randomly selected into one of two groups that receive a different mix of program services.


Potential GROWWTH Participants must meet ALL 3 and have documentation of:

1.) Proof of US Citizenship or Legal Status (Driver's License, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, US Passport, Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Residency Card, US Military Card, Letter for Social Security, DD214)

2.) Proof of Parental or Legal Guardianship of a Child under 18 (Birth Certificate, hospital record of birth, guardianship or adoption paperwork, court order, clinic or doctor records, insurance paperwork with child names as insured, school id/record/transcript, verification of high school graduation date)

3.) Proof of West Tennessee Residency (Rental, lease or mortgage document, bank or credit card statement, voter registration card, current utility or phone bill, current IRS documents, or current Tennessee Motor Vehicle Registration or Title)


Potential GROWWTH Participants must also meet at least ONE of these for eligibility and have a document available:

  • Proof of Annual Income at or Below the Federal Poverty Level

(such as Paycheck stubs, employer statement, alimony statement, compensation award letter, public assistance records, unemployment income (UI) documents/letter/printout, proof of tax or self-employed schedule C, Social Security Benefits records/letter, Disability records, Layoff WARN Notice, or tax return documents)


  • Eligible for Medicaid

(Award Letter of Medicaid)


  • Receiving Public Benefits like  TANF, Family First and SNAP

(Award Letter, Public Assistance Records, Database Crossmatch Printout)


  • Unemployed

(Unemployment Award letter, Proof of Income Tax, Unemployment Income (UI) document, evidence Self-Employed (Business License, IRS forms, Tax documents)


  • Section 8 Housing

(Housing Authority Verification document or voucher)


  • Family Eligible for National School Lunch- Free or Reduced

(Approval letter for Verification of Certification (VOC), copy of voucher)


If you think you may be eligible but are not sure, fill out our contact form HERE and we will follow up with you!