Meet Temica: Our guidance led her to a new job

GROWWTH Participant Temica

Our friend, Temica, knows the struggle of getting a high-quality job to support her family. As a mother of six, her focus remains caring for her family the best way she can.  

Once faced with discrimination at her previous job, she sought resolution which didn’t last long. Temica was already familiar with the GROWWTH program from engaging pharmacy customers who also struggled with financial stability. 

“I was just getting frustrated,” Temica explained. “It was taking a toll on me and I felt like it was best to quit. I had already started the GROWWTH enrollment process at that time.” 

As a GROWWTH participant, our accelerated workforce readiness program and resources funded the necessary training needed for Temica’s certification as a Pharmacy Technician and Phlebotomist. 

The opportunities to break financial barriers in her life led her to a new job this month. 

“I’m starting as a pharmacy technician in April,” Temica said. “GROWWTH gives me a lot of confidence.” 

Also, after attending the GROWWTH Microbusiness Bootcamp, Temica is ready to launch her own business. 

“It’s going to be K&S Mobile Services,” Temica said. “Even though I’m a phlebotomist, I’m not looking to incorporate that right now, but I am a skilled drug screener. I will be a mobile drug screener and a mobile notary public.” 

GROWWTH guides our participants to ensure success continues in the lives of west Tennessee parents like Temica. 

“I received notifications about jobs listings, continuing education, assistance for housing and utilities. It all helps,” Temica added. “You don’t know all resources out there and with GROWWTH it’s like a family that has a group chat and keeps you informed.” 

To find out if you're an eligible West Tennessee parent, visit: www.memphis.edu/growwth/eligibility/index.php