Current Students

Postdoctoral Researcher

Md Mostafizur Rahman, PhD     Md Mostafizur Rahman, Ph.D
Project Title: MXene/Conductive polymer composite for energy storage application
Area of interest: MXene, conductive polymer composite, nanomaterial, energy storage device
Email: M.Rahman@memphis.edu

Ph.D Students

Lucas Braga Carani    

Lucas Braga Carani
Project Title: Assessment of Embedded Perovskite/Mechanoluminescence-based Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring of Composites
Areas of Interest: Structural Health Monitoring, Advanced Composites, Sensors, Mechanoluminescence, Perovskite
Email: lb15k@my.fsu.edu


Nafiza Anzum    

Nafiza Anjum
Project Title: Flexible MXene-polymer Composites for Wearable Devices
Areas of Interest: 2D materials, MXene, EMI shielding, Energy storage
Email: na20@my.fsu.edu


Ayomide A Sijuade    

Ayomide A. Sijuade
Project Title: Synthesis, Modifications, and Application of Vanadium Carbide Mxenes in Energy Storage Devices
Area of interest: Mxenes, Renewable energy, Energy storage devices (Batteries, Supercapacitors)
Email: ayomide1.sijuade@famu.edu

Undergraduate Students

Kiya J. Sims
Email: kjsims1@memphis.edu

Fran Bellevu
Email: flb18@fsu.edu

Past Students

Doctoral Students

G. Ryan Adams. (2020). Low Energy Manufacturing and Optimization of Perovskite Film Growth for Application in Wire-Shaped Photodetection.
Md Abu Shohag. (2019). Conception and Development of Mechanoluminescent Dynamic Load and Pressure Sensor.
Chelsea Armbrister. (2018). Manufacturing Multifunctional Fiber Reinforced Composites.
Emily Hammel. (2018). Development of Processing Conditions for Manufacture of Reliable Advanced Ceramic Preforms and Ceramic Matrix Composites.
Margaret Scheiner. (2018). Enhancing Polymer Composites with Triboluminescent Materials.
Jin Yan, graduate. (2016). Conception and development of 3D sensing using wire-shaped hybrid PV sensor as a tool in TL-based SHM system.
Micah McCrary-Dennis. (2016). Manufacturing of Multiscale Composites utilizing the Displaced Foam Dispersion Methodology.
Dickens, T. J., graduate. (2013). Assessment of Triboluminescent Materials for Intrinsic Health Monitoring of Composite Damage.
Olawale, D. O., graduate. (2013). In-Situ Triboluminescent Optical Fiber Sensor for Real-Time Damage Monitoring in Cementitious Composites.
Ighodaro, Osayande Lord-Rufus, graduate. (2012). Fracture Strength and Fracture Toughness Enhancement for Advanced Ceramic Materials.
Kim, M., graduate. (2009). Modeling, Manufacturing, and Characterization of Nanocomposites and Multiscale Composites.

Master's Students

Beckford, B., graduate (2022). Investigation of Embedded Sensor Integration In Additively Manufactured Composites Subjugated to High Velocities Present in Extreme Environments.
Carani, L. B., graduate. (2019). Investigation of Single Crystal Perovskite for Mechanoluminescence-Based Sensor Application.
Parker, L. E., graduate. (2011). Fabrication of Multiscale Composites with Carbon Nanotube Doped Resin Systems using the RIDFT Process.
Adewuyi, O. S., graduate. (2009). Optimization Of Ultraviolet Lamp Placement for the Curing of Composites Manufactured by the RIDFT Process.
Lim, A. P., graduate. (2007). Fabrication of Light Weight Composite Small Arms Protection Insert.
Puentes, C. A., graduate. (2007). The Utilization of Formable Paint Films in the Implementation of In-Mold Decoration Composites Manufactured by the RIDFT Process.
Roquer, M. I., graduate. (2007). Characterization of Energy Absorbing Materials for Blunt Trauma Reduction.
Dickens, T. J., graduate. (2007). Assessment Of Triboluminescent Materials For In-Situ Health Monitoring.
Solomon, F. A., graduate. (2006). Analysis of Co-Infused Fluid Behavior For The RIDFT-IMC (Resin Infusion between Double Flexible Tooling-In Mold Coating) Process.
Davey, K., graduate. (2005). Development of Carbon Nanotube/ Carbon Fiber Multiscale Reinforcement Composites.
Teemer, L., graduate. (2005). The Effects of Processing Parameters on the Mechanical Properties of Components Manufactured Using the Resin Infusion between Double Flexible Tooling Process. 
Chiu, P., graduate. (2004). In-Mold Coating of Composites Manufactured with the Resin between Double Flexible Tooling Process by Means of Co-Infusion.
Nwabuzor, A. O., graduate. (2004). Development of the RIDFT Process: Incorporation of Ultraviolet (UV) Curing Technique.
Nimbalkar, R., graduate. (2003). Finite Element Modeling of A Transit Bus.
Thagard, J. R., graduate. (2001). Development of The RIDFT Process.