At Herff, student success is one of top priorities. Investing in their success helps build the future. We provide a pipeline of programs and activities to cultivate our students in systematic ways. We recruit, retain, connect and equip Herff students with the skills and knowlege that will give them the professional edge. We are careful to include our commuter student population who otherwise might not have the opportunity to connect with students who live on campus. It is important that all Herff students find success after life in college!

By focusing on students in and out of the classroom, we position them for academic and post-graduation success. 

Get Involved Across Campus

As part of student success, it is imporatnt that students feel connected to the college and the campus community at large. The creative drive that comes naturally to engineering students extends over into the rest of their college life. We see Herff students getting involved all over campus and throughout the city, in meaningful ways.

There are more than 200 campus groups to consider, and you can even form your own unique group or event—like Up 'Til Dawn, an outreach event that was innovated right here by UofM students, but now spans the nation. Universities all across America work together on this Memphis-founded event to raise funds for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. There are tons of other groups waiting to have your creative brain on board, including intramural sports, service organizations, student government, arts and culture groups, Greek life, religious groups and so much more.