Our program allows for great flexibility. Seminars are geared toward student interests and change from year to year. However, all Egyptology students are required to take Middle Egyptian in the Art History Department (ARTH 7115/7116, or show they have successfully completed first year Middle Egyptian elsewhere). An additional 6 credits of text-based classes must be taken either in ARTH or HIST.

Students must also take HIST 7310, Egyptian Historiography. If possible students should enroll in this class their first year of MA studies.

During the course of the MA program students must demonstrate reading proficiency in either French or German. During the PhD program, students must demonstrate reading proficiency in both French and German.  There are no exceptions to this. The University offers courses in reading proficiency as well as undergrad intro courses.

MA and PhD students are required to study a minor field other than Egyptology. Generally this can be a different discipline within the history dept. (e.g. American, European, Middle Eastern, African, Latin American, or Asian history). We can also in some cases accept transfer credits from fields like Classics, Biblical history, archaeology, and museum studies to count toward this requirement.

MA students may complete a thesis in lieu of some class credits, however, at this time we are advising students against this unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

The full list of courses taught in Department of History can be viewed here. A list of the classes offered in Art History can be accessed here.