History Educational Resource Center


The History Educational Resource Center

The History Educational Resource Center is the History Department’s comprehensive advising and study center. The HERC is dedicated to providing educational support, including academic advising, writing and study tutoring, internship opportunities, information sessions, and career and postgraduate counseling to all UofM students interested and/or taking courses in the field of history. The HERC is a student-centered space where students come not just to get degree counseling, but to get help with their history work and writing, and to plan their futures. Staffed by two instructor/advisors and two graduate writing tutors, the center is an advising center, writing center, and student community and study center all in one.

 The physical space of the HERC, Mitchell 147, is closed for Fall 2020. HERC tutoring will be available virtually through the Upswing platform.

HERC History Department Virtual Tutoring – Fall 2020

The History Educational Resource Center (HERC) tutoring is going virtual for fall 2020! Students have access to 24/7 history tutoring through Upswing, U of M's virtual tutoring platform. Login to create your profile and make appointments here or use the quick access link "Virtual Tutoring 24/7" on the right side of your eCourseware homepage (to get to your homepage click the "My Home" house icon on the upper left corner of your eCourseware screen). Once in the system, you can make one-on-one tutoring appointments for face-to-face virtual assistance with our HERC graduate history tutor, Kelsie Carper. Or, if you prefer contact-free tutoring, you can submit draft papers for tutor review by clicking "Assignment Review" and uploading your work. You will get written feedback from Kelsie on your submissions within 24 hours.

Tutoring Appointments with Kelsie: To create a virtual tutoring appointment with Kelsie through Upswing, first login to the system and then click the "tutoring" icon. To find Kelsie's available appointments, you can either search by her name (Kelsie Carper) or by your course code (i.e. HIST 2010). Kelsie is available for tutoring on Monday/Wednesday from 10-4 and Thursdays 10-1. You can also drop a paper for her to review in the "Assignment Review" section of Upswing at any time. If you find that Kelsie doesn't have tutoring hours that fit your schedule, an Upswing history tutor will be available to help you at your preferred time. You can use up to 300 minutes of free tutoring per week, in any subject, so please take advantage of this great service!

For additional Upswing information and video tutorials, please check out this link to our Educational Support Program's (ESP) Upswing page. If you have any trouble accessing the system and/or finding Kelsie within it, please reach out to U of M's Coordinator of Virtual Learning, Mr. Jamion McNeil, at jgmcneil@memphis.edu.