Graduate Course Offerings

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Graduate Course Offerings


Information for Graduate Students

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The Graduate Program in History at The University of Memphis offers exceptional training and an optimistic prospect for future success.

Graduating from major research institutions across North America, our faculty members demand excellence from themselves and from their students. Members of the history faculty are recognized at the highest levels of the profession for innovative methodologies, exhaustive research, and insightful writing.

Graduate students benefit from regular interaction with faculty both in the classroom and through the daily life of the department. Graduate students participate in seminars and colloquia, present papers at professional conferences, serve on department committees, and publish articles and reviews in historical journals. Many of our students join the Graduate History Association (GHA), the Graduate Association for African-American History (GAAAH), and/or Phi Alpha Theta (PAT).

Dr. Andrew Daily is the Director of Graduate Studies. For any matters relating to the graduate program in History, you can reach him by e-mail, telephone 901.678.2868, send a fax to 901.678.2720, or visit his office in 105 Mitchell Hall.