Undergraduate Research (Faculty)

The Helen Hardin Honors College is responsible for overseeing the UofM's undergraduate research efforts. This includes managing a database that matches students with researchers in all fields across campus and the surrounding Memphis area. The Honors College also coordinates events on campus that provide undergraduates opportunities to present their research, provides support for travel to conferences as well as publishes the QuaesitUM undergraduate research journal. 

Request Assistance for Research

Undergraduate Research Database

The undergraduate research database contains a wide range of potential research experiences, including volunteer positions, paid positions, or academic credit. The postings include project descriptions, links to web sites with additional information, and contact information. UofM faculty who need assistance with their research projects can request positions for undergraduate rsearch assistant(s) on the database. A request should specify appropriate requirements for applicants (e.g., majors, class standing, competencies, etc.). Explore the Undergraduate Research Database >

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Campus Student Research Events

Works-in-Progress Symposium

The Works-in-Progress Symposium (WIPS) held at The University of Memphis during the Fall semester gives undergraduates the opportunity to present individual research.  Although many students make presentations related to their Honors thesis, membership in the Honors College is not required to participate in the Works-in-Progress Symposium.  At WIPS, students are evaluated by faculty on their written work and on their oral presentations at the symposium.  Students participating in Works In Progress may then apply for sponsorship to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR®). Faculty who are interested in serving as a reviewer for WIPS should contact the Honors College.  More information about the WIPS >

UofM Student Research Forum    

Each spring semester, the Graduate School and the Honors College sponsor the University of Memphis Student Research Forum.  This forum provides all University of Memphis students the opportunity to present their research to faculty and peers.  Cash prizes are awarded in various academic categories.  More information about the Student Research Forum > 

National Conference on Undergraduate Research 

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is the largest conference of its kind, with other 4,000 students and faculty mentors from across the nation in attendance at this three-day event.

The Honors College supports students to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) each spring.  Students who attend both WIPS and NCUR, and present at one other approved research forum, can earn the designation “Undergraduate Research Scholar” on their transcript. 

QuaesitUM Undergraduate Research Journal    

QuaesitUM, the journal of undergraduate research at the University of Memphis, was founded in 2014. QuaesitUM is dedicated to publishing the scholarly work of undergraduates and is supported by the Helen Hardin Honors College. QuaesitUM considers submissions from any current University of Memphis undergraduate students; eligibility also extends to those who have graduated within the last two semesters. QuaesitUM accepts manuscripts from all academic disciplines.  More information about QuaesitUM >