Accelerated Bachelors/Graduate Programs

Honors students are invited to participate in over 21 accelerated Bachelors/Graduate Degree Programs at the University of Memphis. This is an excellent way to enhance your college experience, gain additional credentials before beginning your career, increase your skills before entering a professional degree program, and to learn more about your academic interest area. Honors students can also earn honors course credit for any graduate level class taken during their undergraduate degree.

  • Biology, BS/MS
  • Biomedical Engineering, BS/MS
  • Civil Engineering, BSCE/MS
  • Communication BA/MA
  • Computer Engineering, BSCP/MS Electrical and Computer Engineering (concentration: Intelligent Systems)
  • Computer Science, BS/MS
  • Economics, BA/MA
  • Electrical Engineering, BSEE/MS Electrical Engineering (concentration: Power Systems)
  • Engineering Technology, BSET/MS Engineering
  • English, BA/MA
  • Finance (concentrations: 1. Business Finance and 2. Real Estate) BBA/MS Business Administration (concentrations: 1. Business Finance and 2. Real Estate)
  • Health Studies (concentration: Exercise, Sport and Movement Sciences) BS/MS Health Studies (concentration: Exercise, Sport and Movement Sciences)
  • Information Systems, (Accelerated BBA/MS)
  • Liberal Studies, BLS/MALS
  • Mechanical Engineering, BSME/MS
  • Nursing, BSN/MSN (concentrations: Nursing Education and 2. Nursing Administration)
  • Philosophy/Juris Doctorate (Law), BA/JD
  • Physics, BS/MS
  • Political Science, BA/MA
  • Public Health: Honors Undergraduate/MPH
  • Sociology, BA/MA
  • Sport and Leisure Management (concentration: Sport and Leisure Management) BSEd/MS Health and Sport Science (concentration: Sport and Leisure Management)

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