Accelerated Bachelors/Master's Program Procedures

The Accelerated Bachelor to Master (ABM) Program allows qualified undergraduates to simultaneously earn credits toward completion of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Students may earn up to 12 graduate credit hours toward the requirements of both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. The ABM process is entered by the Registrar’s Office as institutional credit.  Individual ABM programs may have standards for eligibility greater than below.  See details in the appropriate section of the undergraduate catalog.


Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for qualifications for acceptance into ABM programs.

Step One – Initiating ABM Coursework

  • The student must receive an invitation or sponsorship from a program faculty member and the undergraduate advisor.
  • The student must then meet with their academic advisor to discuss program requirements to ascertain if minimum qualifications have been met for entry into the program,
  • Thereafter, all other program/departmental/school/college approvals must be obtained.

Step Two – Completing the ABM Request Form

The approving advisor will contact the Graduate School to add the ABM designation to the student’s record. Then the advisor will complete and sign the ABM Request Form , including only the student’s planned classes with open registration.

The advisor submits the completed ABM Request Form to the student’s graduation analyst in their program of study for review and signature. The analyst then forwards the ABM form to the Registrar’s Office for processing.

If the student wishes to take a course for a future term, an additional form must be completed once registration opens for that term.

Step Three – Obtaining Registrar’s Office Approval and Registration Permit

Once the ABM Request Form is approved, the advisor issues an ABM Permit to the student so that he or she may register for a graduate-level course. Students without permits will receive a level restriction block from registering for graduate courses.

Once the ABM Request Form is submitted the Registrar’s Office will confirm receipt and approval with the Graduate School.

Step Four – Grading the ABM Student

Upon registration to the graduate-level course, the undergraduate-level course equivalent will be added to the student record and appear as 'in progress' until the end of the term. Upon completion of the course, standard grades and credit hours will be applied to the graduate-level course, and a grade of 'S' (Satisfactory) or 'U' (Unsatisfactory) will be applied to the undergraduate-level equivalent course.  If at any time the student withdraws from the graduate-level ABM course, receiving a ‘W’ (Withdrawal) grade, a ‘W’ will also be applied to the undergraduate-level equivalent course.