Faculty Mentor: Anthony Maranise, M.A., BCC

Faculty Mentor's Department: Interdisciplinary & Religious Studies

Telephone Number & Email: (901) 497-9155;   mmrnise1@memphis.edu  

Project Synopsis: For more than fifteen centuries, The Rule of Saint Benedict (Latin: Regulae Benedicti) has been a seminal classic within Western spirituality. Religious studies scholars, anthropologists, philosophers of religion, law scholars, and even psychologists have distilled from its contents (originally intended only as a guide for monastics) a plethora of applicable practical, accessible, and transferable insights, skills, and adjuvants. To date, however, the ever-expanding field which examines valuable intersections between, sports, spirituality, and religion (of which this project's mentor focuses in expertise) has seldom, if at all, explored this text. Surprisingly, The Rule of Saint Benedict, though a rather short work, does contain several explicit references to various sporting activities including running, climbing, and training. Also present within its pages are other, yet more implicit, references to various activities which can rightly be associated with the popular cultural phenomena of sports such as manual labor, importance of a dedicated regimen, dietary habits, etc. That said, the faculty mentor associated with this proposal intends to develop a paper, for publication, that details, explores, and analyzes these apparently overlooked sporting references from The Rule of Saint Benedict for application within and expansion of the sports, spirituality, and religion literature-base. Furthermore, he intends to propose a distinctly Benedictine spirituality of sports based off of such an analysis of the themes discussed above.

Requirements for Student Applications: Student-applicants from within the Helen Hardin Honors College and studying in humanities fields, particularly those interested in religious studies, are strongly preferred, however all with a 3.0 or higher GPA are welcome to apply. Applicants should be comfortable with the use of library and/or research database usage; detail-reading for main or important points; summarization; and attention to detail. The ability to follow specific instructions is also highly sought-after. Assistants will be responsible for the following: 1) Meeting with the mentor at the beginning of the week to receive assignment instructions and again at the end of the week to submit complete tasks; 2) locating academic journal or periodical articles and books on specific elements of the topic as determined by the mentor's needs via library electronic databases; 3) printing said articles and/or books; and 4) reading through articles and/or book chapters to outline main-points and provide brief summaries to faculty mentor.

Application & Interview Process: Interested persons should send a formal expression of interest to the faculty-mentor via email along with 1 letter of recommendation from an academician who can attest to the student's demonstrated research capabilities, and written clarity in expression of thought. Those wishing to apply for this assistantship and already members of the Helen Hardin Honors College need not provide this letter of recommendation as you will be already verified by Honors College administration for your abilities. Final applicants will be asked to interview briefly with the faculty-mentor.

Starting Date: October 1st, 2018

Total Weekly Hours Required: 10 – 12 at $10.00 USD per hour

Method of Compensation: Federal Work-Study

Faculty Mentor: Andrew Tawfik

Department: Instruction and Curriculum Leadership

Contact Information: aatawfik@memphis.edu 

Project Description:The Instructional Design & Technology (IDT) Studio is a lab that is interested in the design, development, and evaluation of educational technologies. The Studio partners with schools and organizations within the community and helps them apply edtech in meaningful ways. This position would include data analysis, working directly with users, and possible multimedia development. In terms of scholarship, the students would be included on conference presentations and journal publications.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Multimedia development (e.g – familiarity with tools such as Adobe, iMovie, etc)

Application or Interview Process: Students should submit a brief letter of interest; Face to face interview

Hours per week the student will work: 20/week

Starting Date: Immediately

Method of Compensation:Volunteer

Faculty Mentor's Name: Dr. Brad Harrell

Faculty Mentor's Department: Loewenberg College of Nursing

Telephone Number and/or Email Address: 901.678.3100, bharrell@memphis.edu

Project Description: My research focuses on health disparities and inequities among sexual and gender minorities (SGM), specifically the LGBT+ population. I am beginning an analysis of disparities in this community and assessing professional readiness/preparedness to care for these clients. I have particular plans to assess gay affirmative practice, quality of SGM veteran care, and SGM health data tracking. I welcome students in education, psychology, social work, nursing, or any other health-related discipline.

Requirements for Student Applicants:

  • Junior or senior student in health-related college or school with GPA of 3.0 or higher. Plans for graduate study in health-related discipline.
  • Submit a sample of past writing work.
  • Be proficient in online word processing/PPT/poster development and collaboration.

Application or Interview Process: Brief face-to-face chat about interests and fit for group.

Starting Date: Immediate.

Method of Compensation: Federal Work-Study