Duo MFA for International Students

Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA), along with your password, provides another layer of protection to guard your account against unauthorized access.

Enrolling in Duo

  1. Go to iam.memphis.edu. Log in with your UUID and password. (The first part of your UofM email address, before the @ sign.) This is the iAM Identity Management portal, where you manage your UofM account.
  2. Click Duo Account Security.
  3. Select the type of device you are adding. We recommend using a mobile phone as your primary device. You can add other devices later. Click Continue.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number. If using an international (non-U.S.) number, enter the plus sign (+) followed by the country code and full number with no spaces or dashes. Example: +911234567890. Click Continue.
  5. Select the type of phone you have. Click Continue.
  6. Download the Duo Mobile App from the App Store for an iPhone/iPad or in Google Play for android or tablet. Install to the app. Note: The DUO application may be restricted in some international countries and the client will need to download the DUO Mobile APK App directly from DUO website (available for Android only). Be sure to allow push notifications for the Duo mobile app.
  7. On the iAM screen, click the “I have Duo Mobile” button.
  8. Launch the Duo Mobile app on your phone. Tap the "+" button, then under Add Account, click Use QR code. Scan the barcode on the iAm screen, then click Continue. You can use the default name, University of Memphis. Click Done. Your new number is ready to use.
  9. If you have another device to add, follow these steps again. Only register your own personal devices with Duo. Anyone who can access your Duo-enabled devices can potentially access your UofM account.
  10. In order to access your account in the event you cannot use your registered device, you will need to save your bypass codes in a safe place. See Accessing Your Bypass Codes below and follow the instructions.

I am having trouble registering my international (non-U.S.) phone number with Duo.

When entering your number, enter the plus sign (+) followed by your entire number, including country code, with no spaces or punctuation. Example: +911234567890. If you are still unable to add your device with your phone number, follow the instructions for adding your device as a tablet.

What are bypass codes?

A bypass code allows you to log in using Duo when you do not have access to your registered device. For example, if you lose your phone, you can still access your account using a bypass code. UofM Duo users have access to a list of single-use bypass codes in iAM. These bypass codes can be saved in a secure location offline in case you ever need to log in without access to a registered device. All bypass codes can be used only once and only for your account.

Accessing Your Bypass Codes:

  1. Log in at iam.memphis.edu.
  2. Click Duo Account Security.
  3. Click the Bypass Codes button.
  4. Write down one or more bypass codes and save them in a secure location.

Generating a New Bypass Code:

Students can also request a single-use bypass code to be sent to a personal email address. You must have a personal email address registered in Banner to use this option. Generating a bypass code in this way will reset any previous bypass codes, including those stored in iAM. For instructions on sending a bypass code to yourself via email, visit the Duo Bypass Code Self-Service webpage.

Security Tokens:

You can also request a physical Duo token, which will generate a new bypass code every time you press the button on the device. The token does not require internet access and only works for your account. Tokens are $20 and can be requested by filling out this form for students.

Duo MFA token

In-app Passcodes

The Duo app can also generate passcodes, in case your device is unable to access mobile service or other internet connection. You can also use these codes to help you register a new device if you are unable to receive push notifications.

Open the Duo Mobile app on your old device. Find the University of Memphis account, then tap “Show” to display your passcode.

Phone showing UofM account in Duo app with an arrow pointing to "Show" text button Phone showing UofM account in Duo app with passcode displayed

You can use this passcode to authenticate with Duo. (If the code does not work, you may need to try to sign in to your UofM account again to open a new Duo authentication request or refresh the code in the app.)

Can I add more than one device to Duo?

There is currently no limit to the number of devices you can add to Duo. For example, you can use your phone as a primary device and register a tablet as a backup in case you cannot access your phone. Only register your own personal devices with Duo. Anyone who can access your Duo-enabled devices can potentially access your UofM account.

How do I add a new phone or tablet to my Duo account or switch to a new phone number?

To add a new device to your Duo account and keep the old one, follow the instructions above for Enrolling in Duo. If you are replacing your current device, follow the instructions below.

Switching from an international phone number to a U.S. number:

  1. Before activating your new phone number, follow the instructions above for Accessing your bypass codes. If you have already activated your new phone number, click here for instructions.
  2. Activate the new phone number on your device.
  3. Sign in to iam.memphis.edu. If asked to authenticate with Duo, click the “Enter a Passcode” option and enter the code you saved in Step 1.
  4. Follow the instruction above for Enrolling in Duo, and enter your new U.S. number when prompted. Complete the steps for adding your new number.
  5. Visit the Duo Account Security menu in iAM again.
  6. Delete your old number from the menu.

I have a new device or phone number that I need to register, but I am unable to send a push notification to my old device/number.

When prompted to authenticate with Duo, click the "Other options" link on the screen. You will then see a list of available options.

Duo prompt with an arrow pointing to "Other options" linkA screenshot of the "Other options" menu in Duo

If you have saved a bypass code (see What are bypass codes? above), select "Bypass code" and enter it on the next screen. If you do not have a bypass code, follow the above directions for accessing In-app Passcodes, then return to this menu and select "Duo Mobile passcode" to continue.

After authenticating with a code, follow the Enrolling in Duo instructions above to add your new phone number/device and delete the old one, if necessary.

If you are unable to use your old device and you do not have a bypass code available, you will need to contact the ITS Service Desk to access your account. Call 901.678.8888 or email umtech@memphis.edu.

I travel frequently and do not always have cell service, or my mobile signal is not always reliable. How can I use the Duo service?

The Duo app can be used to generate a one-time passcode even when the device does not have an internet connection. See the above instructions for accessing In-app Passcodes.

You can also request a physical Duo token to use in cases where taking your smartphone or tablet are not safe or feasible. Tokens are $20 and must be picked up in person. Students can submit an online request for a token.

I do not have a phone or tablet to use for Duo.

Contact the ITS Service desk at 901.678.8888 or umtech@memphis.edu for assistance.

I need more help with Duo.

Visit our main Duo webpage for more information and common questions. You can also view our full Duo documentation (PDF)
If you need further assistance, contact the ITS Service desk at 901.678.8888 or umtech@memphis.edu

Note: Access to this service may be limited in compliance with sanctions announced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.