Honor Societies

The Department of Journalism and Strategic Media has two honor societies: Kappa Tau Alpha and Alpha Delta Sigma. Selected students are inducted into the honor societies in the Department's spring awards banquet.

Kappa Tau Alpha

KTA recognizes academic excellence and promotes scholarship in journalism and mass communication. Membership must be earned by excellence in academic work.

The emblem of Kappa Tau Alpha is the key, the oldest symbol of knowledge and communication. The Greek letters mean "The Truth Will Prevail." The letters also suggest three English words: knowledge, truth and accuracy. The Society's colors are light blue, significant of truth, and gold, emblematic of worth and high standards.

Alpha Delta Sigma

Alpha Delta Sigma is a national honor society sponsored by the American Advertising Federation that recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement in advertising studies. ADS is the only national, professional advertising honorary society in American higher education. Membership is earned by excellence in advertising and general coursework, as well as participation in the AAF college chapter.

Alpha symbolizes the Greek word that stands for truth. Delta symbolizes the Greek word for persistence, and Sigma symbolizes the Greek word for cooperation.