Study Abroad

The Department of Journalism and Strategic Media believes in providing students an international perspective as part of their education. To achieve this, it offers two journalism-centric exchange programs (in Germany and China) and some unique faculty-led programs when an opportunity arises.

Mainz, Germany

Earn three hours of journalism credits for a three-week summer course taught in English by one of our faculty members at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, the birthplace of the Gutenberg Press and home to a fascinating Gutenberg Museum as well as five universities. Four spots have been allocated for University of Memphis students to participate in the course along with German students. The topic of the course changes yearly. For more information on this year's program, Click here.

Xi'an, China

University of Memphis students can earn three-credit hours for completing this study-abroad course examining Chinese media and comparing its media culture to that in the United States. A University of Memphis journalism professor will lead a class of Memphis students in exploring the media and political environments in China by visiting national and regional media and historical sites. The Department of Journalism and Strategic Media has an active partnership with the School of Journalism and Communication of the Northwest University, in Xi'an, China, the ancient capital of China and home to the Terracotta Warriors.

Faculty-led programs

Our faculty-led programs are typically offered during summer sessions. Because these programs are led by UofM faculty, they provide an opportunity for students to interact with their professors and share an international experience.

Last year, Dr. Roxane Coche, assistant professor, led 14 students to Rio, Brazil, to cover the 2016 Olympics for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For more information about this unique program, please click here.