The Department of Journalism and Strategic Media has an extensive student internship program with a large host of employers available in the Mid-South and nationally. Graduates of the department often say the experience they gained on their internship was among the best parts of their academic program at the university. They learned how to work in the real world and felt better prepared to succeed at their full-time jobs after graduation. All students are required to complete either an internship or to work in student media.

Most interns are paid by the host employer for the hours they work or the materials they produce. Some hosts award grants and stipends to interns. An advanced student might undergo supervised practical training, in conjunction with appropriate academic assignments, at a recognized communications organization, whether it be at a newspaper office, television or radio station, magazine office, film production house, public relations or advertising firm or similar outlet. Past interns have worked locally at Archer Malmo, Sullivan Branding, Signature Advertising and Digital Solutions, Obsidian PR, ALSAC-St. Jude, the National Civil Rights Museum, ServiceMaster, The Commercial Appeal, Fox 13 Memphis, Local 24, The New Tri-State Defender, The Institute for Public Service Reporting Memphis, and more. Nationally, our students have interned for BBDO-New York, Entertainment Tonight, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today and the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire. 

For Students:

Students may earn up to 3 credit hours for serving an internship (150 hours) and completing the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media's internship course (offered every term). Students need to complete the Student Internship Agreement that explains the student's learning objectives for the internship credit. Students may earn credit for internship concurrent with employment, or they may earn the credit in the immediately following term. For example, if a student interns from May to August, he or she could earn credit for that internship in the summer or fall term. Internship credit can be earned for a variety of experiences, including official internships, part-time and full-time jobs, contract work and freelance work, so long as the employment meets the internship guidelines.

Responsibilities of the student include academic work in addition to regular on-the-job requirements. Assignments are made to acquaint the intern with the organization and its structure, audience characteristics of the medium in which he is employed, general issues facing the population of the area, and the general problems and concerns within the field.

At the end of the internship, an evaluation will be made in detail by the intern's organization, and by the student of the organization to determine how well the student and the organization performed in providing meaningful internship experience.

All students who have registered for the internship class in advance and completed the academic assignments receive, in addition to the pay and work experience, three units of internship credit.

All internship and job ads we receive are posted to our LinkedIn group. Check the page often as new internships are posted daily. Posted internships are primarily in Memphis and the Mid-South, but the listing often includes national opportunities, as well. Here is the handout on how to join our LinkedIn. These services are meant to help connect employers and students, however, students are responsible for finding their own internships.

Visit the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media's Career Services page for tips to develop your resume and cover letter.

A student may complete a maximum of two 3-credit internships as part of a bachelor's degree program. This Getting Started guide offers advice that students will need in order to succeed at their internships.

Join the University of Memphis Department of Journalism and Strategic Media's group on LinkedIn to see opportunities available, or visit the University's e-Recruiting site.

For Employers:

Students may earn up to 3 credit hours for serving an internship (150 hours) and completing the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media's internship course (offered every term). Employers need to complete the Employer Internship Agreement that verifies that a student has earned an internship and that you will comply with the guidelines for the internship.

If you would like to advertise an internship or job to our students, please formulate a job description for the position needing to be filled. The internship must offer the opportunity for students to enhance their professional preparation or expand their career opportunities. The experience must contain meaningful, professional learning experiences. We will share this description with our students as a service to you. This document explains our guidelines for a quality internship program.

Join the University of Memphis Department of Journalism group on LinkedIn to post the internship announcement or email Professor Michael Robinson for further assistance.

We advertise all internship positions in the following ways once we receive your position description: post them electronically to LinkedIn and Facebook, and email to students within the related programs (advertising, journalism or public relations).

For more information about the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media's Internship program, contact coordinator Prof. Michael Robinson at mrbnsn12@memphis.edu

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