University Technology Resources are available to all UofM students, staff, and faculty. This includes law students and the law building even though we are not on the main campus. This is the ITD resources page that links to the technology that is available including identity management, e-mail, wireless, printing and all university resources. Here are a few of the highlights of what would be useful to law students:

  • myMemphis portal (formerly Spectrum) brings together the university's technology resources in one place. The myMemphis Portal personalizes information it displays to each user, as well as allows the user to customize information.
  • iAM identity management website allows students, staff, and faculty to manage their computer account password and display name.
  • iPrint Kiosks are located throughout campus. Students, staff, and faculty can print from their laptop to any iPrint kiosk. For a list of iPrint locations, visit the Technology Resource Locator. iPrint kiosks in the law building are located on the labs in rooms 205 and 432.Instructions for installing iPrint.
  • Wireless Network Access is available to connect to the University wireless for portable technology devices, including laptops. Students, staff, and faculty can register their portable technology device once and then use the university's wireless network anytime.
  • Get started with Email. The University of Memphis has a "cloud based" Microsoft Live@EDU system. Email can be accessed via the web from on or off campus. Students, staff, and faculty are each given 10gb mailboxes under this system.
  • Help desk staff are available to answer your technology-related questions 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding university holidays. Please call 901-678-8888 for assistance.
  • Law students have 24/7 access to the law building. All classrooms have wireless, projectors, and screens. The law library houses 2 computer labs; rooms 205 and 432. Westlaw and Lexis printers are available for student use.